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The wisdom of self affirmation from “The Magic of Believing”

I’m reading “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol, and it is mind changing, which means it is life changing.  One excellent point in the book is to control your thinking using positive affirmations.  Here is one example from the book:
Affirmations to repeat to yourself 10 or 20 times before doing something that is difficult for you, such as making cold calls:
I am strong, I am happy, I am convincing, I am friendly, everything is fine, <add your personalized ones> (The Magic of Believing p89).
Repeating these affirmations really works!  In a recent audio I listened to, life coach and motivational speaker Rex Crain has a fellow from the audience come up and repeat 10 times to himself that he’s no good, in many different ways.  Then Rex had the fellow had him try to resist him pushing his arm down.  Rex easily pushed it down.  Then he had the fellow affirm himself 10 times, and Rex could no longer push his arm down.  Hence we become stronger physically and mentally by what we say to ourselves.
Here’s another one:
“Many people become confused and frustrated because they allow themselves to be influenced by negative thoughts of others – this is a weakness of many salesmen – when they absorb too much if what the prospect says about his reasons for not doing something such as buying. Repetition of negative thoughts will discourage even the most powerful if continued long enough” (The Magic of Believing p94)This is a powerful statement. I used to let other people’s opinions have a huge effect on my own belief, but now I am working to change that, so that I am in control of what I believe.  I still want to be open to change, but it will be me who evaluates and decides to make the change, not at the whim of others who give me what often turn out to be completely unsubstantiated opinions when analyzed.