Posturing and Managing the Energy – Don’t Be Pushy!

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Have you ever had someone approach you this way about a product or service?  Sure, we all have.  How did it make you feel?  Do any of the words in the collage above apply?   Why is it that when we are treated this way and we hate it and want to run away, that we turn around in our home business and do the asame thing?

When sharing your home business with people, these are two of the most important aspects of coming across as a successful professional that people will be attracted to and want to join:

  1. Posturing
  2. Managing the Energy in the Conversation

If you don’t apply these two crucial concepts to your interaction, you will come across as a snivelling, desperate, needy, pushy salesperson, which instead of convincing the prospect to look at your product and opportunity, will do just the opposite. Your prospect will either say “no thank you, I’m not interested” right away, or worse yet they will say, sure send me the information just to get rid of you. Then they will go silent in all of your followups by phone, text and email, and you will have wasted your time. However, remembering that there are billions of people on this planet to talk to, if you are genuinely willing to let the prospect go by being postured and managing the energy (WARNING: they will feel it if you’re not genuine!), they will be subsconciously thinking “This person is different than all the others that have badgered me about these deals. Maybe there really is something different about this one, and I might miss out if I don’t look into it. I’d better at least take a look at what they’re offering”. Then their subsoncious mind will direct them to take a genuine look at your opportunity.
One of my great mentors, Ray Higdon, has a couple of great short and sweet podcasts that elaborate on these two concepts that separate the successful professionals from the struggling amateurs.
Ray’s podcast Acceptance and Approval talks gaining posture with your prospects by growing out of your need to seek acceptance and approval in your conversations. True innate posture is only gained eventually as you apply this concept and fill up your pipeline with so many people such that
Manage the energy of the interaction – if the prospect pulls away in the conversation, you pull away too – otherwise you come across as a desperate, pushy salesperson, which drives the prospect away.
For example:
Prospect: “I have to think about it”
Network Marketing Amateur: “Well, what do you gotta think about?
Network Marketing Pro: “Absolutely! No problem! Take your time, because we invest a lot of time training you, and I want to make sure this is a fit for you, I want to make sure you’re not just dippin’ your toe in the water, and I want to make sure this is something you’re ready to rock with before we invest a whole lot of time training you.
Manage Energy When They Say They Want to Think About It:

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