Getting To Know You, Yourself and You – Life Purpose And Goals

Who Are You?

Tonight I’m going with my 25 year old son to see the classic rock band, The Who, still doing live shows after all these years.   Their music and message is timeless, enjoyed by me back in the 70’s (yes young folks, there was life back then), and by my son now.   Their famous song “Who Are You”, made mainstream popular by the CSI TV Series, asks the question we all have, but don’t always have a satisfactory answer for.  You should listen to the song here before reading further, to get the full huge dramatic effect of this post:

Listen to the challenge of the song now bouncing around in your brain: “Tell me, Who Are You?  ‘Cause I really Wanna Know!”.  Have you spent time thinking about this question and your personal answer, or have you just listened to and gone along with parents, family, friends, teachers, people you look up to, and other authority figures?  You come to your own personal definition of success and getting it is what makes you truly happy, happiness that overflows from you and has a positive effect on everyone around you and the world.

Answering Who You Are

If you do a good job of answering this question, and keep answering it as a continuum throughout your life and you grow and change, your passion for pursuing vocational and entrepreneurial opportunities, desire to bring about positive social change, and to pass it onto others, will grow and grow.  That growth will cause your happiness and personal fulfillment to grow as well.  To help you organize your thoughts and bring it into being in your life, you can start with these four steps, which are derived from the classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which I also encourage you to read and study carefully:

  1. Definite Major Purpose: Perform self-examination and discovery, then write your their true purpose in life, with specifically what you want to achieve short and long term. Then read it daily to cultivate a burning desire to achieve that purpose based on your passion and vision of who you want to become.
  2. Positive Mental Attitude: Deliberately decide daily to create and cultivate a positive mental attitude that leads to happiness.
  3. Written Plan of Action: Quantify your definite major purpose by writing down life, vocational and entrepreneurial goals that are specific, timed, achievable, measurable, and prioritized, then creating an action plan to achieve those goals.
  4. Mastermind Alliance: share your definite major purpose with one or more trusted friends who want to support you in reaching your goals, and then meet regularly to compare notes and support each other.

If you put some thought into the above questions, write down your thoughts – the written word in your own handwriting solidifies your thinking – you will be further ahead in playing the game of life.  Remember there is no rehearsal.  This is it.

So off I go to the concert to enjoy the music and ponder the question again for myself – always changing, as I listen to The Who perform “Who Are You?” live.  Good Fun.


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One thought on “Getting To Know You, Yourself and You – Life Purpose And Goals

  1. Lydia

    WHO doesn’t love The WHO?? Sadly most of us go through our whole lives not knowing WHO we are, or WHO we really are…..not titles, relationships, accomplishments, but really WHO we are on this planet and in fact WHY we are here….keep pondering Michael and enjoy the concert!


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