Creating Your Success: Are You A “Not Others”?

Many people, myself included for many years, think that success in reaching any goal in life is achieved by some mysterious (cue twilight zone theme) sequence of uncontrollable events that happen to some but “not others”. For years and years I thought of myself as one of the “not others”.

Then I discovered that success is really available to those who want it badly enough to think about it, plan it, then execute that plan.  There is no secret except consistency in sticking to your plan, AND getting back on it if you fall off.  So many people just beat themselves up as a failure and quit if they miss a day.  I know.  I did.  But don’t do it.  Be consistent in getting back on the plan.

Entrepreneur and success coach Marie Forleo says “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. ”

She gives some great tips for staying consistent in this video:

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