Are You Achieving Your Goals?

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You can take anything you do to a fundamentally higher level where it makes more money, impacts and inspires more people, or creates a healthier environment.  The key to begin to unlock the potential for this quantum leap lies in my first two words “You can”. If you believe you can do something before you start, there is a much higher probability you will take the actions necessary to make it happen.  Some might say you can get it done even with a negative attitude and low belief, but that would be an act of the will, like continuing to run when all the energy is gone, rather than a motivation of the heart and mind through positive thought and reinforcement.  Belief starts with desire and decision.  Once those have been established, it becomes necessary define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals, then insert those goals into an action plan with a results section used to track progress.  Sounds great, right?  Sounds highly organized, right?  Just work the plan and you get there, right?  No problem sticking with it because it’s so well defined and organized, right?  Nope, didn’t work for me!  Often we all start out with great intentions and great plans, keep at it for a few days, and then life “takes over” with a long list of demands from brushing our teeth to taking out the garbage, and suddenly a few weeks later we don’t even remember having a plan or goals.  What was it I decided and believed I was going to do?  What’s the missing ingredient?  More determination and grit applied to our plan and goals?  Focus on the embarrassment pain of not reaching our goals?  I hope not.  I don’t like pain.  Nope.  Something much bigger is needed…
Michael Beckwith says “The pain pushes you until the vision pulls you”.  What exactly is a vision?  Come back for the next post to find out…

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